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Endless Power

Tone Poem

Endless Power

This major work finds its inspiration and melodic motifs from the overarching theme of “The Name of Jesus”. There is a fragment from Chris Tomlin’s song “The Name of Jesus” used to tie together all the sections of music. However, it is used in various major/minor soaring statements that make it sound like a call or cry. Crying “the name of Jesus”. The form of the piece depicts the endless power of the name of Jesus and is divided into five sections. The opening “All hail the name” is powerful in nature as it is all of us praising the name. This opening introduces parts of the tune Coronation, with fragments taken from “Name above all names” and “Your Name”. “The Cry for Help” is a section of music we hear this repeated rhythm throughout. Meant to sound almost like Morse code, this section of music also introduces an original melody mixed in with the soaring “Name of Jesus” link. “Feel the name” starts off with the rising of the sun. As morning dawns. And the presence of God is felt by the low sustained chord in the bass end. As the section develops, soloists throughout the band express sing songs of praise as the melody of “Your Name” is presented. This builds to one of the larger climaxes of the piece where we feel the name and its power. The “absence of the name” is an attempt to have no melody throughout most of the section. Most of the materiel throughout is rhythmic and fierce. This transitions into the final section “Rejoice in the name”. This gives a chance for the entire hymn of “All hail the power of Jesus name” to be presented and gives the band ample opportunity to display an extra gear of “power”.

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