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Concurrence written by Marcus Venables fuses together three songs which include "Search Me," "Praise Is Rising," and "To Be Like Jesus." The inspiration for the piece is based around Psalm 139:23, Search me, God, and know my heart. Our plea to God for him to come into our lives. In this moment of vulnerability, the Holy spirit comes before us and transforms our hearts, empowers us, equips us, to be more like Him. Our weaknesses are overcome by the dwelling of the holy spirit.

The piece unfolds dramatically, opening with fragments of "Search Me" presented with a fierce and commanding demeanour. This initial statement captures our attention, inviting the listener into a contemplative space of self-examination and vulnerability.

After a dramatic opening, "Praise Is Rising" emerges, the music draws inspiration from the phrase: "Cause when we see You we find strength, to face the day, in Your presence all our fears are washed away”. This section gives hope, resonating with the courage that arises from encountering divine grace and presence.

The heart of the piece resides in the middle section, which is anchored by "Search Me" by Marty Mikles, with its poignant plea: "Search Me, and know my heart. Lord, I want to be more like you." This emotional core encapsulates the essence of the journey towards Christlikeness, as the music is subdued at the start and gradually builds to symbolize this indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

The music sets off with renewed vigor, echoing the words of "Praise Is Rising”. This leads to a final statement of "Search Me" intertwined with the composers own setting of "To Be Like Jesus.”

It is in this moment that we see/hear the concurrence of our plea of being more like Christ with a transformed heart that takes hold of our lives. The final statement of the piece is a triumphant proclamation: "Like Him I'll be."

Search Me by Marty Mikles
Take what these eyes have seen and cleanse from my memory
So that my mind can be wholly yours
Take what these hands have made, that toil from day to day
Striving to make their way on their own

Search me and know my heart
Lord, I want to be more like who you are
If anything offends, remove it and cleanse me, Lord
Search me and know me, holy God

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